United Express Coming Soon From Denver

Outagamie County Regional Airport will begin offering direct daily flights to Denver aboard United Express starting March 1. Tickets go on sale Tuesday…

…The Fox Cities airport will connect to 102 destinations, including three in Hawaii, once the new Denver service begins…

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Today’s KO

This guy was going to prank the bus:


Hawaiian Getting a THIRD Airbus

A few weeks ago I was the first to report that Hawaiian was acquiring 2 Airbusses.

The Associated Press is reporting that Hawaiian has ordered a third airbus.

And yes… I still say, “I’d love to fly first class in one of these buggahs”:


The “Aloha Challenge 2008”

I just checked out the online version of this KIKU show called the “Aloha Challenge 2008”.

It’s an interesting concept where 4 Japanese Students and 4 English speaking students arrive in Honolulu to test there language abilities along with there filmmaking abilities for a $10,000 prize.

To see the website and some of the videos, click here.

“2 Languages.  8 Interns. 12 Film Challenges… One Intense Reality Show.

Here is the first episode on youtube just to give you a tease of the show:

Episode 1 (Part 1) (No it’s not in Japanese)


Episode 1 (Part 2)


Episose 1 (Part 3)


Episode 1 (Part 4)


Episode 1 (Part 5)


Episode 1 (Part 6) (Noticed that former UH Mens Volleyball Player Torry Tukuafu is one of the producers)


For more info… Check out:

Aloha Challenge 2008

Maui Police Department Using Youtube to Recruit

I just noticed that the Maui Police Department is using Youtube as a recruiting tool to get new recruits.

Here is the commercial I just viewed:


Being a Police Officer is a respectable carreer.  I just wish that the police here would be a bit more respectable of the laws themselves.