First Ever “Rainbow Raw Games” Coming to Puna

It looks like something is going on down at Kalani Resort in a couple weeks.

I just noticed this PR out of Washington promoting it.

Here is the website of the “Rainbow Raw Games”.

…Founded on the principle that we the people can shift our consciousness, shift our ways of eating, shift our physical abilities to reflect more of our potential, and shift our way of living on the planet to create more harmony, well-being and positive life experiences, The Rainbow Raw Games is the first event of its kind, bridging the world of Sports, Raw Foods, Physical Empowerment and Personal Growth. This powerful event is designed to take you – and our growing conscious community – to the next level of physical strength, agility, flexibility, athletic skill, community activation, and spiritual empowerment…

More Here

2 Responses

  1. Raw Food and Rat Lungworm…just a coincidence I’m sure….(from your favorite website)

    Damon – Forgot about that site… sheesh… I do need to versify my readings every now and then. Of course now that I look at it… it’s just a blog linking to sites like mine now.

  2. Barabajaba will be performing at the Raw Games as well. Please check out our blog here…

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