Council Overrides Mayor Kim’s Veto… Bill 361 Taro/Coffee Bill to Become Law

I just got word that the council had enough votes to override Mayor Kim and that the Bill 361 will become law.

More of my blog posts regarding this Bill here.

This was one of the best moves this council has done.  They stood strong behind there constituents and I applaud them all for not sucking up to the big money corporations.

P.S. I’d like to thank the readers of my blog that I saw in the council room today before the votes were taken.  You know who you are. ;)

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  1. James, I am pretty sure all those things have already happened, both the bullying and the reporting. And a couple more. Two Council Members seem particularly adept and until they are gone (when h*ll freezes over) I will go back to submitting testimony. I have testified in person, by teleconference and by email. No more.

    I continue to communicate directly with my Council Member and the Mayor’s office.

  2. NeeterLou, please know that others in the community do not find it acceptable for you or anyone else to be bullied or otherwise mistreated as a result of your testimony (or for any other reason!).
    If your Council member has been told that their constituent has been treated the way you described above, then that member has a responsibility to report that to the County Clerk and, with the Clerk, to the Police.

  3. I told my Council Member, some time ago, that I would not testify before the Council or a Committee again, until there was some assurance I would not be followed down the hall on the way to the ladies room by a bully, not be called at home by a bully, and not have objects thrown at me by a bully. Too much stress and someone can escalate from a mean-spirited bully to actual violence pretty quickly.

    Damon – The power of testimony is what got this GMO bill passed. You can always submit written testimony as well, however, I feel that oral testimony is the most effective when communicating with lawmakers.

  4. I highly recommend the movie, “the Future of Food” which explains the connection between universities and agribusiness.
    A company like Monsanto (or even a university) can patent a seed or a plant, make it “RoundUp-Ready” so that their plant is the only one that will survive the herbicide they also market. If patented seeds blow into your field, or down a road next to a telephone pole near your field, you can be sued by the owner of the patent. And have that upheld in court. And how you have to then dispose of your silos of seeds because some of them might be patented and are forced to buy seeds from…Monsanto.

    ALL soy beans grown in the US are de-facto genetically modified. There are no “organic” ones in the sense of natural.

    So if we had some GMO coffee get spread around by a bee, the owners of that coffee would be the patent-holder, not the farmer.

    Damon – I have seen the film. But in case others haven’t here is a link to it. If you want further links to the rest of the movie… feel free to email me.

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