First Ever “Rainbow Raw Games” Coming to Puna

It looks like something is going on down at Kalani Resort in a couple weeks.

I just noticed this PR out of Washington promoting it.

Here is the website of the “Rainbow Raw Games”.

…Founded on the principle that we the people can shift our consciousness, shift our ways of eating, shift our physical abilities to reflect more of our potential, and shift our way of living on the planet to create more harmony, well-being and positive life experiences, The Rainbow Raw Games is the first event of its kind, bridging the world of Sports, Raw Foods, Physical Empowerment and Personal Growth. This powerful event is designed to take you – and our growing conscious community – to the next level of physical strength, agility, flexibility, athletic skill, community activation, and spiritual empowerment…

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Council Overrides Mayor Kim’s Veto… Bill 361 Taro/Coffee Bill to Become Law

I just got word that the council had enough votes to override Mayor Kim and that the Bill 361 will become law.

More of my blog posts regarding this Bill here.

This was one of the best moves this council has done.  They stood strong behind there constituents and I applaud them all for not sucking up to the big money corporations.

P.S. I’d like to thank the readers of my blog that I saw in the council room today before the votes were taken.  You know who you are. ;)

Today’s KO


BJ Penn, Georges St. Pierre and Dana White Appearing LIVE in Waikiki

Superferry Builder Austal Receives $1.6 Billion Navy Contract to Build Ten More Ships Like the Superferry

When will people listen to me?

I’ve been saying for 2-3 years now, that the superferry(s) were just a prototype for future military ships.  Now Austal has confirmed my suspicions:

Austal USA has won a $1.6 billion contract to build up to 10 high-speed transport ships for the U.S. military, U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Tuscaloosa, announced Wednesday.

Neither Austal nor the U.S. Navy would confirm Wednesday’s announcement, but a staff member in another congressional office, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the contract is going to Austal…

…Maritime industry analyst Tim Colton, of Florida consulting firm Maritime Business Strategies LLC, said that if Austal is indeed the winner, it is likely that the company’s experience and ability to tackle the work made its bid superior. Australian parent Austal Ltd. is an expert at building high-speed fast ferries, and the U.S. shipyard is now putting finishing touches on the second of two such vessels for Hawaii Superferry Inc…

More Here

I’m not real good at math… but if my numbers are correct, this would make each one of those ships worth about $160 Million dollars each.

If Hawaii sold the two Superferries we currently will have to the military for say $150 Million each, then that $300 Million could be put to the losses that we have already incurred as well as pay off any debt that we might have towards the superferries at this point.

Especially if the thing isn’t going to work out in the long run.

I’m amazed the Unofficial Hisuperferry Blog hasn’t picked up on this. ;)