Letter to KPAG Group Regarding Postponed Highway 130 Meeting

This letter is in response to getting an email that the H-130 meeting is being postponed and the fact that they are now asking us members of the Advisory group to put more of a time commitment to the process:

I’m a bit concerned that the time commitment being asked of us is now doubling in time.

Will these meetings continue being this long?

All of us are working on this as volunteers and I hope that the time that we are putting into this is not being wasted.

It does seem odd that the initial charter we all agreed upon is now being broken.  Some issues:

5.3 Communication:

1. Meetings will be held at the time and place chosen by the KPAG members at their INITIAL MEETING…
4. Meetings WILL BE  advertised in the Hilo Tribune.
5. Project documents and notices WILL BE posted on the project website

5.4 Conduct of Meetings:

7. Meetings are expected to be two hours and in any case to be NO LONGER than three hours…. (Saturday the 13th is 4.5 hours)

With that being said… I would hope that after this meeting, we can go back to the originally agreed upon schedule.

My preferences for this upcoming meeting would be to only meet on one day.

So my preference is that Saturday the 13th.

I don’t have a second preference as I would prefer not to have to meet for 2 days in a row for three hours.

It seems like meeting for two days would just add costs such as meals and transportation for the State officials.


Damon Tucker

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