Samoan High School Student to Defend “Mosquito Defense” Findings in Hawaii

Those that have been reading my blog know how much I hate effing mosquitoes.

A high school senior in Samoa is coming to Hawaii to defend his findings in three plants that may help reduce mosquito colonies.

A senior student at American Samoa’s Tafuna High School, Samuel Meleisea, has won a science symposium with a project aiming to help reduce mosquito numbers…

…Mr Meleisea is to present his paper and defend his research findings at the Hawaii science symposium next month.

He says he decided to test the impact of phytochemicals in the leaves of 3 local plants, the Sasalapa, Mosooi and the Neem tree…

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So my next question is… where can I find some of these plants and will they grow here in Hawaii?  I’d love to surround my place with them.

The Girls of the “Kim Taylor Reece” Hula Girl Competition?

Kim Taylor Reece has made a name for himself in these islands by taking images of hula dancers and making them something of their own.

I stumbled across this youtube video that was posted today and it mentioned the competition.  However, I can’t verify from Reece’s website itself.

Here are the 9 girls that are competing for the “Kim Taylor Reece” Hula competition according to a youtube site I stumbled upon.


I’m welcome to corrections if I’m totally off base on this. ;)

Air Kauai Get’s Their Helicopters Back

I mentioned yesterday that Air Kauai had it’s Helicopters repossessed.  Well they got them back.

Kauai tour helicopter company Air Kauai Inc. regained possession of its two helicopters on Wednesday, nearly a week after they were repossessed by Bank of Hawaii

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A Blast From the Past

I couldn’t help but to notice this video from 25 years ago!

No… I’m not one of the guys!


Raisin’ Cane Minister to be Council Lady Naeole’s Legislative Assistant?

People have been complaining a lot about Emily Naeole bringing “God” and “Religion” into her work duties.  Well it looks like her office might become even more “Heavenly” shall we say.

I just read that R.J. Hampton will replace Tiffany Edwards Hunt.

I don’t know much about this lady, in fact, I’ve never heard of her until this afternoon.

A quick dig of her history brings up the following:

Rev. R.J. Hampton, who operates the Raisin’ Cane ministry in Pahoa. Hampton, a minister ordained online by the California-based Universal Life Church,…

A quick look at this Universal Life Church website shows that it does appear very easy to become “ordained”.

In fact… I think I just “ordained” myself somehow ;) by simply following the directions on this page.

…You are about to become an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. For information regarding the legal aspects of this in your state or province, view the FAQ page on the site…

I knew it… I can become ordained… it even says so here:

…We ordain persons who are totally non-religious or even anti-religious

I believe this is the same person that supported the guy that wanted to pull their kids out of school because they didn’t want them to have TB tests… Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Airbusses Confirmed

The Advertiser confirmed the Airbus story I blogged about awhile back.

It would be nice to fly first class in one of those buggahs.


Today’s KO

Audio a must:


President of Unaccredited American Pacific University in Honolulu Brings in More then $3 Million Per Year on Hypnosis

I don’t know of how many readers are familiar with “Diploma Mills“.

However American Pacific University in Honolulu has been tied to them.

I just read that the President of the University, Matthew B. James, brings in more then $3 million a year!

…It can be big business. Matthew B. James, a Hawaii-based hypnotist, says he earns $3 million a year through his group-hypnosis sessions, hypnosis-related books and CDs and teaching other hypnotists through his unaccredited American Pacific University. The cost of his treatment sessions range from $95 for a two-day seminar to $2,000 for an intensive weekend-long program…

Matthew James Bio can be found here.  (update 2/20 I wonder why they deleted the bio?) Here is Mr. James Statement as the President of the School.

Sounds like he’s making big money off something a bit more then hypnosis!


Letter to KPAG Group Regarding Postponed Highway 130 Meeting

This letter is in response to getting an email that the H-130 meeting is being postponed and the fact that they are now asking us members of the Advisory group to put more of a time commitment to the process:

I’m a bit concerned that the time commitment being asked of us is now doubling in time.

Will these meetings continue being this long?

All of us are working on this as volunteers and I hope that the time that we are putting into this is not being wasted.

It does seem odd that the initial charter we all agreed upon is now being broken.  Some issues:

5.3 Communication:

1. Meetings will be held at the time and place chosen by the KPAG members at their INITIAL MEETING…
4. Meetings WILL BE  advertised in the Hilo Tribune.
5. Project documents and notices WILL BE posted on the project website

5.4 Conduct of Meetings:

7. Meetings are expected to be two hours and in any case to be NO LONGER than three hours…. (Saturday the 13th is 4.5 hours)

With that being said… I would hope that after this meeting, we can go back to the originally agreed upon schedule.

My preferences for this upcoming meeting would be to only meet on one day.

So my preference is that Saturday the 13th.

I don’t have a second preference as I would prefer not to have to meet for 2 days in a row for three hours.

It seems like meeting for two days would just add costs such as meals and transportation for the State officials.


Damon Tucker