Man Who Dropped His Pants at Wheel of Fortune Audition Made the Show



I kid you not!  The guy in the following clip actually dropped his pants during the finalist selections at the Hilton Waikoloa.

One of the judges actually made the comment: “Anyone will do something to get on TV”.

Now I am really jealous!

This guy was a total ham throughout the entire process, but I guess thats what it takes!  I tried my best and enjoyed my experience… I’m just highly bothered that the guy that dropped his pants actually made it onto the show!

(I don’t know what that thing at the end of the clip is)


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  1. The joke of the 9000 is from a show called Dragon Ball Z, a cartoon from Japan dubbed into English in the 90’s. The spiritual fighting power of one of the characters was thought unbelievable out of a “country bumpkin” kind of person. I hope this helps put some context into the video. =)

  2. I just want to know why I get nothing on your blog, but he does???? :)

    Damon – Alright Chris… If you insist! I typically only highlight the idiots in life… not the good guys! Did you notice half way through the show… the guy turned around and faked like he was gonna moon the camera!!!

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