Hawaii Teacher Scores Big on Wheel of Fortune

Chris Nelson, the winner of tonights Wheel of Fortune was curious as to why I would highlight an idiot who dropped his pants at the auditions and not him.

Quite frankly, I normally only try and highlight the idiots in life on my blog … and not necessarily¬† the good guys.

Chris won $26,000 + in Cash & Prizes.

Both of us were razzing each other back and forth prior to the auditions in hopes of who would actually get on the show.

He mentioned he was going to “act crazy” to get on the show. I said… “I don’t need to act… I already am Crazy”.

Well looks like he is truly crazier then I am…. as well as $26,000 richer.

Congrats Chris… and look for him on tonights KHON News at 10.

Ok… now will you take me on the ski trip with you? ;)

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