Hawaii Teacher Scores Big on Wheel of Fortune

Chris Nelson, the winner of tonights Wheel of Fortune was curious as to why I would highlight an idiot who dropped his pants at the auditions and not him.

Quite frankly, I normally only try and highlight the idiots in life on my blog … and not necessarily  the good guys.

Chris won $26,000 + in Cash & Prizes.

Both of us were razzing each other back and forth prior to the auditions in hopes of who would actually get on the show.

He mentioned he was going to “act crazy” to get on the show. I said… “I don’t need to act… I already am Crazy”.

Well looks like he is truly crazier then I am…. as well as $26,000 richer.

Congrats Chris… and look for him on tonights KHON News at 10.

Ok… now will you take me on the ski trip with you? ;)

My Solution to the H-130 Traffic Problem: The “Conference Bike”

Introducing the “Conference Bike”:

Seven Peddlars... One Driver

Seven Peddlars... One Driver

Could you imagine these things cruising around?  Here is a movie of one.  It looks like they go pretty fast and just think of the gas savings. ;)


Man Who Dropped His Pants at Wheel of Fortune Audition Made the Show



I kid you not!  The guy in the following clip actually dropped his pants during the finalist selections at the Hilton Waikoloa.

One of the judges actually made the comment: “Anyone will do something to get on TV”.

Now I am really jealous!

This guy was a total ham throughout the entire process, but I guess thats what it takes!  I tried my best and enjoyed my experience… I’m just highly bothered that the guy that dropped his pants actually made it onto the show!

(I don’t know what that thing at the end of the clip is)


Today’s KO


Bank of Hawaii Repo’s Air Kauai Helicopters

This must have been one heck of a “RepoMan” ;)

Kauai tour helicopter company Air Kauai Inc. stopped flying last week after Bank of Hawaii repossessed the company’s two helicopters…

More Here


New NIKE Shoe Inspired by “Surf, Sun and Sand” in Hawaii

NIKE has a new shoe coming out.  It was designed by a 17 year old Oregon girl who was inspired by Hawaii to design it:

…Another Oregon City resident, Emily Giersch, 17, designed a shoe for Nike, but was unavailable for comment. Her design, a Nike Free Mary Jane slip-on inspired by the surf, sun and sand of Hawaii, will also go on sale on Nov. 14….

More Here


Richard Ha On “Long Story Short” TONIGHT on PBS

Richard Ha from Hamakua Farms and the owner of the Blog on my Blogroll Ha!Ha!Ha! will be on Leslie Wilcoxs PBS show “Long Story Short” TONIGHT! at 7:30 PM.  I don’t know what he will be talking about, but I expect it to be a good show, as all of Leslie’s shows are.


Richard will appear at 7:30 this evening (Nov. 11) on PBS Hawaii’s Long Story Short. The program repeats at 2:30pm Sunday (Nov. 16). He’ll talk about how he became a farmer (he grew up on a farm but had no intention of spending his adulthood farming) and how he’s working to meet the never-ending challenges in farming. Richard’s best known on the Big Island for growing plump, tasty tomatoes and for personal leadership in sustainability issues…

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Shrooms Banned in the Netherlands

From Dec 1 the famous Amsterdam magic mushroom will no longer be on sale in the city. The hallucinogenic mushrooms, imported mainly from Hawaii, Mexico and Ecuador, have for years been freely available, at modest prices, in shops around the city…

…Amsterdam city council supports the government’s ban, hoping it will change the general perception of the city as a mecca for drug user and the sex industry.

Earlier this year moves were made to close down part of the city’s famous red light district…

More Here

I wonder if this includes Hawaii’s Stinkhorn Mushroom that makes women have orgasms?  ;)

Many Other Places in the World Ranked Above Mauna Kea for Sky Watching

I hope the planners and designers of the TMT read this particular blog.

It has been said to me by people that work up on Mauna Kea that the TMT should go atop Mauna Kea because it’s the best place in the world for it to go.

I just read this article which mentions 8 other places that are better for sky watching:

1. McDonald Observatory, United States

2. Stonehenge, Britain

3. Abu Simbel, Egypt

4. Caribbean Islands

5. Pisac, Peru

6. Caldera de Taburiente National Park, Canary Islands

7. Sherbrooke, Canada

8. Slovenia

9. Hawai’i (the Big Island), Hawaii, United States

10. Sark, Britain

Superferry Giving Away Free Rides to Military Members

No, this is not a Veterans Day special.  The Superferry is offering the Military a free lift on it’s ship.  If it’s not the Strykers, it my as well be the Military Members themself!

My as well comp the Military now… Because the Superferry probably knows they are going to be getting a hell of a lot of business from them soon enough.

The Hawaii Superferry is offering military members a fare special.

The offer is one free roundtrip to military and their dependants with the purchase of one roundtrip fare. The offer applies to all members of the U.S. Armed Forces for travel booked through Dec. 15…

…The purchase of the first roundtrip will also receive the Superferry’s $10 military discount. The fuel surcharge will also be waived.

For more information military members should contact their MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) and ITT (Information, Tickets and Travel) desks.

More here.

Honoring My Grandpa on this Veterans Day


My grandpa fought in WW I.  He was also a Military Doctor the second time he served.

I could only find some of his medical background as he is long gone now and the Internet databases only go so far back:

Dr. Perry E. Rowe was born in Everett, Washington on October 1, 1910. He received his medical degree from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1941. He interned at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington 1941-42. He served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps 1942-45. He was in private practice in Lynden, Washington for 15 years. He was Clinical Instructor in General Practice at the University of Washington Medical School 1954-61. In 1962 he came to Hawaii to be the physician for the Hawaiian Agricultural Company and lived in Pahala, Hawaii. Dr. Rowe became the medical officer on Yap in the Trust Territories in 1965. He moved to Carmel, California in 1970.

He was a member of the Hawaii Medical Association, Hawaii County Medical Society, American Medical Association and the Hawaii Industrial Medicine Association. Dr. Rowe and his wife, Betty, were the parents of Michael Dean, Susan Lane and Robert Spencer. Dr. Rowe died on June 24, 1997; his last residence was listed as Friday Harbor, San Juan, Washington.