Idiot of the Week: Woman Arrested After Grabbing Bongs Off Police Car

While 18-year-old Bellingham resident Mavia Burke was trying to help a friend when she allegedly grabbed two glass bongs off the back of a police car and smashed them in front of an officer the evening of Friday, Nov. 7, she didn’t end up helping herself.

Police arrested Burke on suspicion of obstructing a law enforcement officer and booked her into Whatcom County Jail.

Police officers allegedly found Burke and three friends smoking marijuana in a car parked at a dead-end on the 700 block of Racine Street, Bellingham Police Sgt. Mark Stokes said.

Police searched the car and found two glass bongs, plastic baggies, scales and more than 30 bags containing small amounts of marijuana, Stokes said.

The driver of the car, a 17-year-old Bellingham resident, admitted to possessing all of the drugs and paraphernalia, Stokes said.

While officers were preparing to cite the driver with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, Stokes said Burke grabbed the bongs and started running.

As an officer chased after her, she smashed the bongs on the ground, Stokes said.

Burke said she wanted to help her friend avoid a possession of paraphernalia charge, but she wasn’t helping at all, Stokes said. Her friend wasn’t going to be charged with possession of paraphernalia, he said.

Even her friends were like, ‘What did you do that for?‘ ” Stokes said.

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