UH Football Player Viliami Nauahi Scores Big on Wheel of Fortune

Vili Nauahi

Vili Nauahi

If anyone caught tonights Wheel of Fortune, you would have seen UH Football player Viliami (Vili) Nauahi walk away with $47,560!

Yes… I am jealous ;)

3 Responses

  1. Well, Lanai isn’t exactly the hub for information hehee, but point taken, it takes all kinds lol

  2. Choked? Come on bro lol, “Hand-Rolled Sushi”

    Duck Soup!!

    Damon – But did you see the night before… the girl from Lanai said “Do you think you can dance?” Instead of “So you think you can dance?”

  3. Thats a lot of Kala, but after taxes and spending money for his trip, he will pocket like 15k…still goood though! What a shame that you didn’t get to the Game Day stage!

    Damon – It’s alright… I would have choked

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