*UPDATE* Hawaii County & Marijuana Bill – Law vs. Resolution?

Hawaii County Police Chief Mahuna was quoted in todays paper as saying “…Mahuna said, adding that “absolutely nothing” will change regarding how police deal with marijuana…”

I heard on the radio that Hawaii Corporate Counselor Lincoln Ashida is not in agreement with Police Chief Mahuna over the Marijuana resolution that just passed, and that it will ACTUALLY become LAW, and not just a resolution according to Ashida.

Does anyone know anything further on this?


See Bishops latest blog here.

4 Responses

  1. Thank god.

  2. So you have the police chief saying that he does not care about county/state laws and he is going to follow the federal laws instead??? Who the hell pays his salary? The people that comprise the city, county of hawai`i island, no? I say get that clown out of office already!

    Damon – The clown is set to retire in about a month.

  3. Dude, the Police chief is like brain washed by Bush himself. So what Damon? When are you going to get your MM updated? lol.

    Damon – Whoa… The Ghost of Christmas Past Comments on my blog. MM updated? Have I ever used Microsoft Messenger ;)

  4. The HTH said that Mr. Ashida, corp. counsel, says it is a law, not a resolution that can be so easily dismissed. He also said a nice thing about respecting the will of the people.
    How it plays out in real life is yet to be seen. But to say “nothing’s changed” is incorrect.

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