Pahoa Parade Information

If you would like a printable copy of this or would like to register to be an entrant… feel free to email me for more information and contact numbers:

Pahoa Holiday Parade 2008


It’s time again for one of the biggest event of the year, our Annual Pahoa Holiday Parade in beautiful Historic Pahoa. This year the Parade will be held on December 6, 2008 and the Theme will be “ Pahoa in the Flow.”

Each year, the children and adults of our Community look forward to this event that leads into the Annual Hoolaulea held at the Pahoa High School.

Our Grand Marshal for the Parade will be Paul Ogasawara owner of Paul’s Repair Shop and one who has contributed much to our Community.

We are seeking Sponsors and donations from Businesses, Community Groups, and Individuals who are interested and willing to assist us in meeting our costs.

All participants work very hard and take great pride in their Floats and Musical Performances and your contribution in cash or in-kind services will be warmly appreciated by everyone in the Community.

Join us in making this year’s Annual Pahoa Holiday Parade a “Big Success .”


Please send donations to: Mainstreet Pahoa Association

PO Box 1189

Pahoa Hawaii, 96778

_____yes I would like to show my support as Sponsor (minimum $75.00)

_____yes I would like to have a Radio Ad w/a $500.00 contribution

_____yes I would like to have Radio Ad and Banner ($1000.00 contribution)


_____yes I would like to contribute $_______

_____yes I would like to donate a prize_______________________________

Cash Value $________







___yes I would like to participate in the Pahoa Holiday Parade and need and entry form

UH Football Player Viliami Nauahi Scores Big on Wheel of Fortune

Vili Nauahi

Vili Nauahi

If anyone caught tonights Wheel of Fortune, you would have seen UH Football player Viliami (Vili) Nauahi walk away with $47,560!

Yes… I am jealous ;)

*UPDATE* Hawaii County & Marijuana Bill – Law vs. Resolution?

Hawaii County Police Chief Mahuna was quoted in todays paper as saying “…Mahuna said, adding that “absolutely nothing” will change regarding how police deal with marijuana…”

I heard on the radio that Hawaii Corporate Counselor Lincoln Ashida is not in agreement with Police Chief Mahuna over the Marijuana resolution that just passed, and that it will ACTUALLY become LAW, and not just a resolution according to Ashida.

Does anyone know anything further on this?


See Bishops latest blog here.

Police Looking for Pahoa Assault Suspect


Detectives from the Hawaii Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Section are asking for the public’s help in locating a person of interest in connection with an assault near the Pahoa Fire Station on Saturday (November 1).

The person of interest is 35-year-old Robert Grant of Nanawale. Grant is described as 6-feet tall, 170 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He may have died his hair…

More Here

How to Differ Genetically Engineered Fruits from Organic Ones at Stores

Found this interesting statement that might help when in the Produce section:

Look at the code printed on the tiny sticker stuck on the produce. If the PLU (Price Look Up) code begins with the number 9, it’s organic. Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables bear a code beginning with 4. If the code begins with an 8, the produce is genetically engineered—making this the only genetic engineering label in the United States.

Today’s KO

I almost knocked myself out watching this:


New Marijuna Law Equates to “Absolutely Nothing” Says Police Chief Mahuna

Hawaii Police Chief Mahuna was quoted in the West Hawaii Today as saying:

…He said that regardless of the initiative, marijuana is still illegal under federal law. “We’re compelled to enforce the law,” Mahuna said, adding that “absolutely nothing” will change regarding how police deal with marijuana.

He said it would be no different than if voters approved an initiative that made domestic violence incidents a low police priority. “I couldn’t do that,” Mahuna said…

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Mauna Kea Visitors May Need to Take Class

A draft summary of a comprehensive management plan for Mauna Kea, which includes mandatory education for users of the mountain, has been released by the University of Hawaii and related agencies…

More Here

This sounds almost like the same type of thing that visitors to Haunama Bay have to go through before using the bay.

Adding Salt to the Wound: Big Island Repo Man Youtubes His Latest Repo

Talk about adding salt to a wound of a person who is getting there car repossessed.

This Big Island man has taken to posting his “Repos” on youtube.