I Love My Son… But at Times I Want to Strangle Him

Don’t get me wrong… I love my son and would never strangle him.

It’s just that I’m sure that he knows where my sunglasses are that I haven’t been able to find for 3 days.

I just have this feeling that he picked them up and put em with some of his stuff somewhere.

I’ve already learned real quickly that I need to keep my keys out of his reach.  But now I can’t find my dang sunglasses!

I even tried the… “Go find me your sunglasses trick” to see if he accidentally grabbed mine instead of his!

I’ve searched everywhere!

It’s very rare that I buy sunglasses that are over $100.00.

I normally buy the cheat $10.00 kind.  These were a pair of “Anarchy” glasses that I purchased over 3 years ago and I have done so well not to lose them or break them… but now they are gone!

Anyone seen a pair of glasses that look like these… REWARD if found!sunglasses

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