My Local Predictions General Elections 2008

I definately think Obama will be the next president.

Hawaii County District 5:

Emily Naeole – 3500 votes

Gary Safarik – 2750 votes

State Rep. District 4:

Faye Hanohano – 4200 votes

Fred Blas – 2800 votes

Big Island Mayor

Angel Pilago 36,000

Billy Kenoi 35,000

2 Responses

  1. I reckon you give Kenoi a few more votes than he will get.
    These other predictions…are they from polls? gut feelings? ‘seasoned’ experts in the old ways of elections before change? …or what?

    Did you see the poll in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald and the West Hawaii Today?
    No? Neither did I. hmmmm… wonder why?

    Damon – Very interesting point. I was polled by a company and I never did see the results… I choose Pilago in that Poll. I’m about to post a blog on this now.

  2. Predicting Pilago over Kenoi? Gutsy! And against every other prediction I have seen.

    It is possible, we shall see tonight!

    Damon – I predict from my heart!

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