Congrats Kenoi, Naeole, Hanohano and MARIJUANA!

67 out of 67 Precincts have reported.

Congrats to all winners.

Biggest Upset of the Evening:

Pakalolo will now become “Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Canabis” with more then 53% of Big Island voters in favor of relaxing the laws.

I guess the viewers of my blog are a minority according to my polls. ;)

16 Votes Separate Safarik and Naeole After First Reading

Looks like this race will be going into the night.

Current result after first Reading:

Naeole: 1118 Votes

Safarik: 1102 Votes

Hawaii County FINAL Printout Here

Hawaii County Final print out can be found here.

Barack Wins It!

Fox News has called it!

Congrats to Barack!

My Polls Closed… Results: Pilago, Safarik, and Blas Take It

Big Island Mayoral Race:

[polldaddy poll=”942031″]

County Council District 5:

[polldaddy poll=”942038″]

House Rep. District 4:

[polldaddy poll=”942042″]

6.3 Earthquake Rocks Vanuatu… No Tsunami Threat

A strong earthquake has struck near the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, but police say were no immediate reports of injury or damage.The magnitude 6.3-quake struck at 5:35 a.m…

More Here

My in-laws just got back from New Zealand a few weeks ago.  This is the second large earthquake that has hit there since they came back!

Whatever Happened to the Latest SMS Poll?

On September 24th I was Polled by SMS research about which candidates I was voting for and I blogged about it here.

This was the second time that SMS polled me.  The first time they polled me, the results of that poll were published within 2 weeks.

I have not seen any results of the second poll that they polled me on.  I wonder if this is because in the first poll that SMS conducted… they had Kenoi with a slight lead… so the Tribune did report on it, however, it’s in their archives now, but I did blog about it here.

Why has the second SMS Poll not been published?  Is it possibly because Pilago was in the lead in the second poll and the Tribune is pretty much a Union based paper that has endorsed Kenoi?

Dr. Weatherford made a comment which reminded me about this second poll here where he states:

…Did you see the poll in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald and the West Hawaii Today?
No? Neither did I. hmmmm… wonder why?

Today’s KO



Live from the Precincts: Hilo Reporter Tossed From Hilo Polling Place

I just noticed this Youtube video and it appears the reporter/cameralady was tossed from the Hilo High School polling precinct for using her camera inside the precinct.

I don’t know what she was thinking of even bringing her camera into one!

I believe she, Heather Havey (SP?),  may work for one of the local cable access companies here in Hilo…  Possibly Na Leo?

Tossed out at about 1:00 minute mark:


The DisappearedNews has Re-Appeared!

I want to thank Aaron Stene over at the Kona Blog for sending me an email a few days ago telling me that “The DisappearedNews” was just having technical difficulties.

Well low and behold, just in time for election day… The DisappearedNews has Re-Appeared.

Welcome back Larry… I was beginning to worry!

My Local Predictions General Elections 2008

I definately think Obama will be the next president.

Hawaii County District 5:

Emily Naeole – 3500 votes

Gary Safarik – 2750 votes

State Rep. District 4:

Faye Hanohano – 4200 votes

Fred Blas – 2800 votes

Big Island Mayor

Angel Pilago 36,000

Billy Kenoi 35,000

Your Humor Fix for this Election Day

It’s been a while since I posted a Paul Ogata clip.

So here is another one from Cyberstupid:


More Layoffs… Servco Pacific Laying Off 118

Servco Pacific is laying off 118 employees.

The majority of workers laid off at the 88-year-old company were from the automotive division, which has been hit by weak auto sales. The layoffs are effective Nov. 17…

More Here

Get Off My Blog and GO VOTE!

Nuff Said!

Oh yeah… one more thing…

Vote Pilago!