I Will Not Be Startled… I Will Not Be Startled… I Will Not Be Startled…

*UPDATE Monday August 3rd*

The sirens will sound today… despite having a 6.9 Earthquake in California… These are still just “Test Sirens” today and Hawaii is in no danger of a Tsunami.

I hate these dang civil defense sirens that go off each month.  I understand they are neccessary, however, there was a lesson to be learned in the fable “The Boy Who Called Wolf”.

Effing Sirens!

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  1. the siren on 6th/Makuu HPP is just within sight of our house.
    Yep, there is no not hearing it.
    It helps me remember to change the page on the calendar :)
    If it goes off on any other day, and I go to change the calendar and discover that the month has not yet passed, then I will know there is a true emergency. Right? ;)

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