Artist Rendition of the New Longs, Burger King and KFC Slated for Pahoa

I don’t know how many people actually click on the artists rendition of the picture in the Tribune Herald today of the Longs, BK and KFC.

I’ll post it here… notice the drive through window for prescription pick-ups?

Traffic is going to be a mess… that’s all I can say.

Artist Rendition from the Tribune Herald

Artist Rendition from the Tribune Herald

2 Responses

  1. YEP, this is the kind of crap that I moved away from. Looks like I’ll have to start making plans to relocate again. We sure are running out of places to LIVE real fast. Fast food, fast money, fast life, and a fast track to the boneyard.

    The Lack

  2. Question:
    What is the miles per gallon for a hybrid car idling in a drive thru? How about the same car at a stop light?
    What about the miles per gallon for an 8-cylinder SUV idling in a drive-thru or at a stop light?

    Answer: Zero. (is that really efficient?)

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