I Give Up! I Vote Yes 4 After This Latest One

I blogged about these earlier… but this one that was recently posted tops the cake: ;)


3 Months 900 Posts, Are You Kidding Me? Top 10 Read Posts

Where did time go?  I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I started this blog!

I just looked at my statistics that are compiled by WordPress.

This Post is my 900th Post in 3 months.

I’ve had 35,000+ views of my blog.

334 Comments (2000 + Spam Comments)

And I have blogged every day since I started this blog!

So I went a bit deeper to look at what people were looking at on my blog and here are the top 10 Posts that have been read:

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Well it’s been an interesting three months to say the least.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by!

Today’s KO


Kona and Back – 4.5 Hours… Gorillas Win Again

I got a call this morning from my father-in-law mentioning that he forgot something of importance for a talk he was doing on the Kona side of the island this morning.

I sent my wife off to the Soccer game and I took off around the Kau end of the island.  Going about 65 MPH where I could and about 5 over elsewheres… I made it there and back in less then 4.5 hours.

Believe it or not, it’s only the second time I’ve gone to Kona going the South Point way instead of the Hamakua Coast.

I didn’t realize just how bad the VOG truly is in Kau until I came over the ridge at Volcano and looked down upon the Kau side.  It was literally smogged in so that you couldn’t even see the ocean from the Highway.

Another thing I didn’t realize, was that there appears to be some Gated Communities that are being constructed right before Hawaii Ocean View Estate.  I didn’t catch the names of them, but they do appear to be very “Ritzy” communities that only the very wealthy would be able to afford the locations that they were being built at.

On a side note… My son’s soccer team did well despite being a man down to the other team.  As usual, they didn’t keep score… but my wife said we made more goals then the other team!

Starbulletin on Kenoi “…Laces His Talks”

Interesting article in today’s Starbulletin on Billy Kenoi and Pilago.

How is this paragraph describing Kenoi.

“A former aide to Mayor Harry Kim, Kenoi, 39, is the one-time kolohe kid from rural Kalapana turned lawyer, a sparkling speaker who laces his talks with localisms, now presenting himself as a mature public servant.”

Cocqui Frogs Being Found on Oahu… “Oh Crap”

Well looks like our friendly Big Island nuisance has finally made it’s way to Oahu.

“Tiny frog sets off big alert in Kailua”

The funnier thing is, I’m not sure which I’m more surprised about.

The cocqui making it’s way to Oahu… or the Starbulletin using the line “Oh Crap” in it’s paper.

When Lanikai resident Virginia Enos heard a coqui frog call coming from her neighbor’s yard, her first reaction was, “Oh crap.”