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Questions Being Accepted for Kenoi – Pilago LIVE PBS Debate

*Bump* I think we all know by now that Kenoi has cancelled this debate tonight… however, Angel Pilago will still be live tonight.

(Originally Posted 10/8)

I just received this from Jeff at PBS:

Aloha. I’m the website guy at PBS Hawaii, and I just wanted to let you know that the candidates are scheduled to appear together on the Thursday, October 30th episode of Island Insights (live at 7:30 pm.) You and your readers can send in questions ahead of time to insights@pbshawaii.org. They can also call in questions during the live program. They should be aware that we sometimes get a very large number of questions, so we may not be able to get to everything, but we do our best. The webpage for Island Insights is at http://www.pbshawaii.org/ourproductions/insight.php.

Jeff… Do you have the number where we can call in during the show?

One Response

  1. Damon:
    Aloha. I just wanted to follow up to the first post – I was just told that Bill Kenoi has cancelled his scheduled appearance on the 9/30 Island Insights program. As of right now, Angel Pilago is still scheduled to appear on the program, and viewers can still send in questions, but unless something changes, the format will be more of a question and answer session with Mr. Pilago and Dan Boylan.

    For viewers who want to call in, we will be posting the numbers on-screen during the broadcast.

    PBS Hawaii

    Damon – Did you mean 10/30?

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