Big Island Genealogist Links Sarah Palin to Alec Baldwin as “Distant Cousins”

Strange… but the Advertiser just posted this at the same time… So I’ll take it for being true for now.  ;)

A Big Island couple who founded a genealogy service company has tracked GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s family ties to Hawaii and to actor Alec Baldwin.

Bruce and Kristine Harrison founded the Family Forest Project in 1995, and since have mapped the ancestral histories of thousands of political leaders, celebrities and historical figures, as well as everyday people…

…He said Palin and Baldwin are “fairly distant cousins” because their first ancestral connection is many generations back…

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  1. You know, Damon, I got as far into the video on to where the man holds up a book upside down and then says something like, “If you go far enough back, ancient Hawaiians can trace themselves back to Europe.” That’s not really a quote; I don’t wanna see it again!

  2. Here is the rest of the story and the free download for Sarah Palin:

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