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A Call From the Honolulu Prosecutor

About two years ago, I caught a homeless guy trying to break into my neighbors place over on Oahu.

I showed up three times to go to court and be a witness while I lived on Oahu.  For some reason or another, the trial kept getting postponed, delayed, etc.   I eventually forgot about it and have since moved back to the Big Island.

This morning I get a call from the Honolulu Prosecutor telling me they are moving forward on the case.  Now that I’m on a different Island, I sure hope they don’t waste more of my time flying me back and forth for trials that never happened.

Here are two videos that I shot as things were boiling down and my neighbor and I were containing the guy (audio a must) :



2 Responses

  1. Good to have folks like you in the neighborhood.

  2. Thanks for standing up and I am sorry our courts are so slow.

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