The Timing of the Superferry Coinciding with the Stryker Brigade

I just noticed the following comment left by “Hiloliving” on the Kona Blog in response to the Superferry being delayed.

Any chance the Superferry delay is for the company to take advantage of military opportunities? At the Public Meeting in Hilo on expansion of the Oahu Makua Military reservation for the Army in October, one of the military officers mentioned that the Army was planning to ship in the Strykers via Kawaihae harbor and truck them up Saddle road to the Pohakuloa Range. The delivery of the Superferry next year is approximately the same time frame as when the Strykers are due back to Hawaii from Iraq.

Coincidence…  I think not.

Big Island Genealogist Links Sarah Palin to Alec Baldwin as “Distant Cousins”

Strange… but the Advertiser just posted this at the same time… So I’ll take it for being true for now.  ;)

A Big Island couple who founded a genealogy service company has tracked GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s family ties to Hawaii and to actor Alec Baldwin.

Bruce and Kristine Harrison founded the Family Forest Project in 1995, and since have mapped the ancestral histories of thousands of political leaders, celebrities and historical figures, as well as everyday people…

…He said Palin and Baldwin are “fairly distant cousins” because their first ancestral connection is many generations back…

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Pohoiki and MacKenzie Park to be Filming Sites for The TEMPEST?

Hat tip to Tim Ryan:

Pohoiki, otherwise known as Isaac Hale Park, along with MacKenzie State park are currently sites being looked at for the upcoming filming of The Tempest.

I mentioned that the Tempest would be filming on the Big Island here and here.

Tempest location manager Val Kim and state film commissioner Donne Dawson yesterday in Hilo and today in Kaulia-Kona met with Hawaii County and state officials from the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Department of Parks and Recreation and other agencies to get permit approvals for about a half-dozen Big Island locations that include at least two state and county parks including McKenzie State Park and Isaac Hale Beach Park

Tempest execs also to hope to film in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in a location just off Chain of Craters Road but Park officials have not yet rendered their decision. Another location being considered is a brief ocean scene on the west side where some sort of temporary tree is set just offshore where a character is chased, according to the scrip.  Cast and crew on the Big Island are expected to stay at the Big Island’s Marriott Waikoloa Resort & Spa. On Lanai, actors and crew will stay at the one of the Four Seasons hotels and rent private houses on the island…

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Today’s KO

Don’t Blink:


Re-Broadcast of Tuesdays Island Wide Mayoral Debates

Hat tip to Leslie Wilcox:

If you missed last night’s unprecedented  television event on KGMB9, PBS Hawaii invites you over to our channel to watch a re-broadcast  in primetime Saturday evening (Nov. 1) from 6:30 to 9pm.

A Call From the Honolulu Prosecutor

About two years ago, I caught a homeless guy trying to break into my neighbors place over on Oahu.

I showed up three times to go to court and be a witness while I lived on Oahu.  For some reason or another, the trial kept getting postponed, delayed, etc.   I eventually forgot about it and have since moved back to the Big Island.

This morning I get a call from the Honolulu Prosecutor telling me they are moving forward on the case.  Now that I’m on a different Island, I sure hope they don’t waste more of my time flying me back and forth for trials that never happened.

Here are two videos that I shot as things were boiling down and my neighbor and I were containing the guy (audio a must) :



Questions Being Accepted for Kenoi – Pilago LIVE PBS Debate

*Bump* I think we all know by now that Kenoi has cancelled this debate tonight… however, Angel Pilago will still be live tonight.

(Originally Posted 10/8)

I just received this from Jeff at PBS:

Aloha. I’m the website guy at PBS Hawaii, and I just wanted to let you know that the candidates are scheduled to appear together on the Thursday, October 30th episode of Island Insights (live at 7:30 pm.) You and your readers can send in questions ahead of time to They can also call in questions during the live program. They should be aware that we sometimes get a very large number of questions, so we may not be able to get to everything, but we do our best. The webpage for Island Insights is at

Jeff… Do you have the number where we can call in during the show?