Why Blog… Where’s the Money?

Ian Lind wrote an interesting piece on why he blogs this morning.

The question was asked of him if he would like to make money blogging and I’ll just copy his final reply:

…Simple answer, probably. All offers will be gratefully considered, although I doubt that I should hold me breath. And if there’s an interesting job out there for someone who isn’t worried first and foremost about how much it pays, don’t hesitate to let me know.

This pretty much sums up a lot of my feelings.

I know I’ll never make any money off blogging.  However, it is a good way to vent my feelings without anyone telling me what I can or cannot say.

Today’s newspapers suck so much that I barely even skim most of the article I read now a days.  I find it much more refreshing to read other people thoughts and opinions on things and then go on to read the actual news of an event.

I don’t like reading real structured columns, and I’ve always been a person that believes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Because of certain laws that protect bloggers, it’s very easy to read into the minds of how people think and what they are thinking about when they write something.

Many bloggers try to focus on one thing or subject.  Me… I try to just go all over the place at times and try to keep it somewhat Hawaii related.

Why Blog… Where’s the money?

Well if your blogging to make money… then your blogging for the wrong reason.

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  1. yes very interesting cheers

  2. Thanks for the interesting analysis and may you reach all of your economic goals via blogging.

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