Tonights H-130 Meeting

Well tonights H-130 meeting was about as productive as the other ones.  (Sandwiches from Safeway were on the menu)

We learned about pending transportation issues and new busses that are being scheduled.


Learned a bit about the Puna Makai Alternative Route (PMAR) that is still being worked on by the county.

We broke out into two groups and discussed different issues.

I ended up being the “voice” of our group and did my best to summarize what our group had talked about, which ranged from where we thought were bad intersections, to bus stops, to the width of the Highway, to beautification, etc.  It really kind of went all over the place and we only had 15 minutes to discuss this.

I did mention burying powerlines as well as round-a-bouts so at least those are now on the table.

It was rather strange that there was much opposition against burying the powerlines within the group of people that I was with.  I also noted that they wouldn’t have to be necessarily buried, and that they could lay on top of the ground with conduits along the way.

The end of the meeting came with a guy talking about projected traffic patterns based on 2002 data.  Jon Olsen pretty much shot down one set of statistics that was presented and questioned the rest.  I too have significant doubts on the numbers that were presented and even the speaker himself mentioned that it’s all speculation based upon a few things.

I got the final question of the evening in… when I finally asked “Are we just Pawns of the State?  I understand this EIS is required to get community input… however, is our input actually going to be heard and listened to… or are we just pawns of the state?”

The answer in a summary… was that had this been 8-10 years ago… then maybe that’s how it would be.  But now the State is actually going to listen to our recommendations… at least thats what they are saying now.

One thing that did come out of this… Is that all of this could be for nothing and that absolutely no changes in H-130 may happen when it’s all said and done.  (Now how is that for a slap in the face?)

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