Today’s KO

This was actually shot by a friend of mine, Jon Karsunky, about 6 years ago, and only now I’m seeing it on youtube posted by someone who I don’t know.

My friend Jon, replied below… I guess it wasn’t one of his… for some reason I thought it was.


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  1. hehe, never doubt the search power of a programmer (especially with a unique last name)

    I totally forgot the reunion and didn’t know it was goin on. bummer. I guess my skills didn’t help me so much there….

    Im posting this from my phone while looking at double overhead waves near forks,wa wooho!

    Damon – The waves in Forks Washington can’t beat anything we have here in Hawaii. Good to hear from you.

  2. I wish i shot that -haha. If i had it probably would have been 16 years ago and George St James riding

    I did however shoot and edit these:

    Damon – Holy Crap Karsunky!!! How did you find my blog? Missed You at the 20 Year Reunion!

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