TODAY: Big Island Election Debates at UH at Hilo


Presented by UHH Poli-Sci Club
Monday. October 27 @ UHH Campus Center Plaza
11:45-12:00 Club set-up
12:00-12:10 Club opening speech
format: All candidates will briefly introduce him or herself prior to
the debate.  All questions will be asked from the public.  A time
keeper must notify the candidates when there is only 2 minutes left.
12:10-12:30 Ted Hong vs. Dwight Takamine SD1
12:30-12:50 Andy Baclig vs. Dennis Onishi   CD4
12:50-01:10 Emily Naeole vs. Gary Safarik   CD5
01:10-01:30 Billy Kenoi vs. Angel Pilago      Mayor  BILLY KENOI HAS CANCELLED HIS COMMITMENT
01:30-02:00 Club closing speech/clean up
*students please contact the disbility service for special assistance.
**visitor parking permit is $3 per car at the security gate.
***if one candidate for the race is absent then other candidate will
alone answer all the questions from the public.
POC Jet Heng 854-4899

One Response

  1. Actually, this is the 3rd debate Billy has missed.
    He also missed the Kona Coffee Farmer’s debate, even though he was sign waving a few miles down the road twenty minutes before the start of the debate. I was wondering why he blew off the farmers, then I ran across this post on Hunter’s Blog from a Billy supporter. Well this explains it all, from Mr. T. Billy as Mayor…a done deal? He doesn’t need to go to any more debates? I don’t think so darlin’. More like he’s hiding.

    “Billy’s in the driver’s seat, I’d rather him focus on cabinet appointments and economic stimulus plans at this point. A debate is worthless at this point of the election – it’s over already, and a handful of people on a blog aren’t going to change that. Pilago will likely finish with 35-40% of the vote, and a debate between Mr. Pilago and a polished, well-educated Mr. Kenoi will not sway public opinion.”
    October 16, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMr. T

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