Could Richard Ha’s Purple Cherokee’s Have the Cure to Cancer?

Richard Ha from Hamakua Farms grows a “Purple Cherokee” Tomato that looks like this:

Purple Cherokee on Right

Purple Cherokee on Right

A European study recently shows that eating Purple Tomatoes extend the life of cancer-prone mice:

Tomatoes genetically modified to be rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins appeared to extend the life spans of cancer-prone mice, a European study finds.

The modified tomatoes were created by adding two genes (Delila and Rosea1) from the snapdragon flower. The anthocyanins, which belong to the flavonoid class of antioxidants, gave the tomatoes a peculiar purple color.

“The two genes we have isolated are responsible for flower pigmentation and, when introduced in other plants, turned out to be the perfect combination to produce anthocyanins, the same phytochemical found in blueberries,” study author Eugenio Butelli, of the FLORA project, said in a news release…

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I wonder if Richard may have stumbled onto something he doesn’t even realize yet?

Could his Purple tomatoes also help fight cancer?  One would think they couldn’t harm. ;)

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  1. Damon, this is a genetically modified fruit. If you or a family member could benefit from the healing properties of it, would you change your mind about GMO. Do you think Richard would grow it if Monsanto might take over his farm because of some patent infringment, as the anti gmo crowd is afraid.

    Damon – My mind is always learning. I know that Richard if Pro-GMO. I don’t have a problem with people and their personal views on things. I don’t think Richard would sell out to Monsanto. From reading many of his blogs, I’ve learned that he would probably close shop before selling out. However, through more sustainable projects and by listening to others, he has learned how to keep his farm running in these tough economic times.

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