You Win Some… You Lose Most… But Never Argue With a Former Reporter

Someone recently asked me if I was trying to be the Puna Enquirer… I pretty much laughed it off.

I often get links sent to me that I blog about, and other times I scan the news looking for things that I find interesting to post about, and on the occasion I find something that no one has heard of before.

Many times, I’ll post stuff that I haven’t verified, nor even read the entire article if it’s a long article.

I try to be accurate in things that I post, and on occasion I’ve been known to the jump the gun on some things.

I appreciate when people have taken the time to read my blog and correct me on what I’ve said.  I rarely ever will take a blog down if I’ve made a mistake.

Earlier, I posted  a blog that I should have been more careful about when posting it, and reader Dave Smith blasted me for posting it.  I took down that post and with it came Mr. Smith’s comments lambasting me for posting it.  I deserved the tongue lashing he gave me for posting that post and I have taken it down.

Thanks to everyone that has read my blog, and if you do see something inaccurate, I do appreciate being corrected.


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  1. If that’s your backhanded (I “blasted,” “lamblasted” and “tongue-lashed”) and left-handed (“never argue with a former reporter”) way of saying thank you, you’re welcome.

    Damon – YES Dave… WHACK!

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