Tonight’s Guess… Palin Steps Down Within the Week???

I’ll say it now… I think Palin will be stepping out of McCain’s VP spot by the end of the week with the latest scandal that is finally being confirmed.

Giraffes Keep to Their Feet in Shipman Mud

My Giraffes held their ground today against the Mighty Bruisers, despite a mud soaked field at Shipman Park.

I’m not sure what the final score was, but we thoroughly dominated!

Two more games left!

You Win Some… You Lose Most… But Never Argue With a Former Reporter

Someone recently asked me if I was trying to be the Puna Enquirer… I pretty much laughed it off.

I often get links sent to me that I blog about, and other times I scan the news looking for things that I find interesting to post about, and on the occasion I find something that no one has heard of before.

Many times, I’ll post stuff that I haven’t verified, nor even read the entire article if it’s a long article.

I try to be accurate in things that I post, and on occasion I’ve been known to the jump the gun on some things.

I appreciate when people have taken the time to read my blog and correct me on what I’ve said.  I rarely ever will take a blog down if I’ve made a mistake.

Earlier, I posted  a blog that I should have been more careful about when posting it, and reader Dave Smith blasted me for posting it.  I took down that post and with it came Mr. Smith’s comments lambasting me for posting it.  I deserved the tongue lashing he gave me for posting that post and I have taken it down.

Thanks to everyone that has read my blog, and if you do see something inaccurate, I do appreciate being corrected.


Today’s KO

All I can say, is it must have been one hell of a bachelor party the night before:


UH Mascot in Running for “Coolest Mascot”

I just noticed this poll about NCAA Colleges Coolest Mascot.

University of Hawaii is listed, although they say our mascot is the “Rainbow” instead of the Warrior which is a whole nother story all together.

However, Hawaii fans can have an opportunity to vote for UH’s Mascot as being one of the coolest here:

Bleacher Reports: Top 20 Coolest College Mascots