Forbes Ranks Kahului-Wailuku Fifth “Least Vulnerable Towns”

Well this kind of suprises me, however, Forbes ranked Kahului-Wailuku as one of the “Least Vulnerable Towns”

…”To evaluate the strength of Main Streets across America, we used August unemployment figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and 2007 Census data on median income, poverty, education and outstanding mortgage debt in 141 towns. Called micropolitan areas by the Census, these towns have an urban core of at least 10,000 people, but no more than 50,000…”

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  1. Mabe because they didn’t listen to the new yuppie UH cries of dirty Agriculture that BI did, probably because they don’t have a full UH presence or at least stood by their guns with sugar as a backbone industry, ignoring the new geniuses that BI followed and still does.

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