Office of Mauna Kea Management Looking for Executive Director

I certainly don’t meet the qualifications, however, it appears that the Office of Mauna Kea Management is looking for a Executive Director.

Minimum qualifications: J.D. degree or master’s degree in a natural resources field, business administration, public administration, political science or closely related field appropriate to the above duties, functions, and responsibilities from an accredited university or college. At least a combination of 5 years experience, as an administrator, executive, legislator, lawyer, and/or other similarly responsible, professional position, engaged in policy and plan development, leadership, dispute resolution, and handling issues relating to native Hawaiians. At least one year of experience in the development and execution of policies and programs related to the environmental and cultural management of public lands. Extensive knowledge of Hawaiian cultural issues and natural resource and environmental management issues. Extensive knowledge of legal and regulatory issues surrounding conservation land areas, including but not limited to Hawaiian ceded lands, including current federal and state laws, associated rules and regulations, interpretations, and court rulings. Extensive knowledge of the scientific, cultural and natural resource issues on Mauna Kea. Extensive ability to mediate disputes, resolve differences, and achieve consensus among individuals and/or various government, private and community organizations/groups. Knowledge of long range planning and good management practices. Strong critical thinking skills, including the ability to integrate information from a wide variety of people, organizations and other sources and to use it, through seasoned, expert judgment, to develop creative, innovative, and effective policies, plans, and programs. Proven ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with various government, private and community organizations/groups. Strong interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills. Ability to communicate orally and writing at an extremely high level…

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