L&L in Pahoa Finally Opens Up

I’m sure everyone in Pahoa has seen the L&L Coming Soon sign in the window of the store next to Black Rock Cafe.

Well, I was wondering when it was going to open so I asked the corporate website.

I got the following response to my surprise:

Aloha Damon.  The Pahoa L&L Hawaiian Barbecue just opened this past weekend. Let us know how they’re doing!

Brandon T. Dela Cruz
Director of Marketing
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Website: www.hawaiianbarbecue.com

Geez… I thought there would be a little more media attention to it opening. ;)

But then again, it is just one more L&L.

There is another story behind this, Pahoa Chop Suey used to be in that location and that was a long time favorite for many local families.  That place will be missed, more then L&L and will ever be welcomed by longtime residents.

It is sad when old businesses go out of business for fast food joints.

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  1. Have to admit I like L&L. Quite different than anything I knew from the mainland, something that has entered my view of Hawai’i. It is just a chain and lacks something real, something you get in a local or family owned place. We have one in Waimea across the street from HQ. Every now and then I get a craving for their chicken katsu.

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