Questioning the Timing of Naeole’s Legislative Aide Quitting

Just two weeks before the General Elections, Emily Naeole’s Legislative Aide, Tiffany Edwards Hunt,  has announced that she will not be Ms. Naeole’s aide if she wins re-election.

…I am writing to inform you that I have let Councilwoman Emily know that if she is re-elected to a second term, I will not be returning as her legislative assistant. I have decided to devote all my time and energy to my family… (More on Hunter Bishop’s Blog)

I have to question why she would announce such a thing jeopardizing any chance of unemployment that she may have received had Emily simply not won the election and she wasn’t re-hired.

I know that to be eligible for “unemployment”… you can not “Quit” employment.

I think Tiffany has done an excellent job for District 5 and even Emily herself has recently stated that “Tiff’s the key person,”

If Ms. Naeole is re-elected, whomever fill’s Tiffany’s shoes will have some very big shoes to fill.

While I understand that Motherhood and parenting is THE most important thing for a child, I just question the timing… Why right before the Elections?  I mean even if Emily is Elected… She still could have announced this at a later time considering she did say that she was going to stay on to complete her duties.

Doug over at Poinography writes an interesting blog on the recent Campaign Spending Commission (CSC) report that Naeole’s campaign recently filed.

The timing… I have to question it!

Of course, she could change her mind still yet.  If she did… It wouldn’t be the first time she changed her mind.

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