Hawaii Researcher: “Heavier Women Say Sex Lives Don’t Suffer”

I can’t make this stuff up ;)

Extra pounds don’t weigh down a woman’s sex life, Hawaiian and Oregon researchers have found.

On average, overweight and obese women have the same number of male sexual partners during their lifetime and during a 12-month period as do healthy-weight women.

All groups report having sex for the first time at the same average age, about 17. In fact, women who are overweight and obese were more likely than normal-weight women to report ever having sex with a man…

… “Physicians and others can come in with a preconceived notion about sexual activity based on body weight,” says Bliss Kaneshiro, the study’s lead author. “This tells us we should really be treating women of all body weights equally.”

As for anyone without a medical degree who’s assumed chubby girls sit home alone on Saturday nights (and worse, told jokes at their expense) — you can stop.

Kaneshiro’s findings contrast with research by others that looked at men’s sexual behavior. Men of normal weight reported 10 more lifetime partners than obese men…

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Questioning the Timing of Naeole’s Legislative Aide Quitting

Just two weeks before the General Elections, Emily Naeole’s Legislative Aide, Tiffany Edwards Hunt,  has announced that she will not be Ms. Naeole’s aide if she wins re-election.

…I am writing to inform you that I have let Councilwoman Emily know that if she is re-elected to a second term, I will not be returning as her legislative assistant. I have decided to devote all my time and energy to my family… (More on Hunter Bishop’s Blog)

I have to question why she would announce such a thing jeopardizing any chance of unemployment that she may have received had Emily simply not won the election and she wasn’t re-hired.

I know that to be eligible for “unemployment”… you can not “Quit” employment.

I think Tiffany has done an excellent job for District 5 and even Emily herself has recently stated that “Tiff’s the key person,”

If Ms. Naeole is re-elected, whomever fill’s Tiffany’s shoes will have some very big shoes to fill.

While I understand that Motherhood and parenting is THE most important thing for a child, I just question the timing… Why right before the Elections?  I mean even if Emily is Elected… She still could have announced this at a later time considering she did say that she was going to stay on to complete her duties.

Doug over at Poinography writes an interesting blog on the recent Campaign Spending Commission (CSC) report that Naeole’s campaign recently filed.

The timing… I have to question it!

Of course, she could change her mind still yet.  If she did… It wouldn’t be the first time she changed her mind.

Would Harry Kim Veto Bill 361: Taro/Coffee GMO Bill?

Bill 361 Passed unanimously with all 9 Council members voting to pass it into law.  I would hope that Harry Kim would not veto what the council members voted on unanimously as their constituents have spoken.

I’ve gotten wind that Harry might not pass this bill:

He seems unconcerned about “contamination.” Now that is concerning. I felt that we had not taken proper time with him to discuss these basic problems. We had done so 5 years earlier, many times, and thought he understood.

He gave us every indication that he was going to veto the Bill, but he did not directly say that. I think it takes 6 votes to override the veto. Perhaps the community can persuade him to support the Bill.

If you have not yet called to thank your Council Member for their support of Bill #361, it would be an excellent time to do so. Please call tomorrow or the next day, and give your mahalos and appreciation for listening to the voice of the people and especially holding the farmers needs in such high esteem. For daring to think of all the possibilities that could happen. For being ethical. For being excellent listeners for 8 hours. For keeping their sense of humor, for asking intelligent questions, and for thinking deeply and wanting to know who folks worked for, and where the conflict of interest lay. Please ask them to continue to support Bill 361.

Please also take time to call Mayor Kim’s office and leave your message to support Bill 361. His number is 961-8211. If Harry vetoes the bill, it will come before the Council one more time, hopefully before the next Council takes their seats. There will be another round of testimony.

Bill 361 is not finished yet, please hold the highest outcome for the taro and coffee families and all their ohana. Please send this communication on to everyone who supported this bill.

Paper vs. Plastic the Debate Heats Up

The Elizabeth Chambers from LivingGreenChannel.Com talks about plastic bags and some of the bans that are going on:


When They Break the Dike at Waimea

This is what you get… A wave that is never ending!  Well until the river stops flowing:


Good Things Come All at Once

Without letting the cat out of the bag… I’ll just say that this week has been a very good week.

More to come in weeks ahead!

Army Can’t Retry Ehren Watada

The Army can’t retry a Fort Lewis-based Iraq war objector on several key charges because that would violate the soldier’s constitutional protection against double jeopardy, a federal judge ruled late today…

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Ehren Watada

Ehren Watada

KITV Features Angel Pilago

I’m not able to embed the video on my blog, however, if you would like to see KITV’s recent interview with Angel Pilago…

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WestJet Adding Flights to Hawaii… Kona Included, No Hilo Flights Planned

…Tuesday a Canadian airline announced an increase in the number of flights it will be making to the islands.

WestJet will be adding four or five flights from Canada beginning November 15, 2008.

WestJet president and CEO Sean Durfy says the airline currently makes 18 or 19 flights to Hawaii. The airline flies into Honolulu, Kona, and Kahului…

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More On Tempest Filming on the Big Island

I mentioned that the Tempest would be filming on the Big Island about 2 weeks ago here.

The Starbulletin has more on it today.

“…On the Big Island, “she wants the lava and the very stark background,” said Brazier. “She’s blending it all in…”

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Today’s KO(s)


Pahoa Man Challenging Mainland Indian Tribe on Domestic Partnerships

A Coquille Indian Tribe member is challenging a recent decision by the Tribal Council to allow domestic partnerships and marriages regardless of sexual orientation.

Brady Metcalf, who lives in Pahoa, Hawaii, said he believes the Marriage and Domestic Partnership Ordinance should be placed on a special tribal ballot, allowing the general council to weigh in on the topic. The general council includes every adult tribal member, of which there are about 580…

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Anahola Homesteaders Council Wins Environmental Justice Achievement Award for Tribal Government and Indigenous Organizations

The Environmental Justice Achievement Awards recognize organizations for their success in addressing environmental justice issues or by adopting the goals of environmental justice to positively impact their community.

The goals of the Environmental Justice Awards Program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. promote positive behavior on environmental justice issues by all stakeholder groups,
  2. document models of success for others to emulate,
  3. encourage achievement of environmental results in communities having environmental justice issues,
  4. encourage collaborative problem solving by all stakeholder organizations to address significant environmental justice concerns.

To be considered for the award, organizations are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. innovation
  2. community responsibility
  3. community, equity, and public involvement
  4. partnerships and collaboration
  5. environmental justice integration
  6. demonstrated results/effectiveness/sustainability

See the Anahola Homesteaders Council  Award here.

Videos of the Mauna Kea SCARAB in Motion

I wrote three blogs about the new SCARAB that was going to be crawling around on Mauna Kea that you can read here.

Here is a video of the Buggah in motion:


And here is a Discovery Channel show on the SCARAB: