Hurry Up Sears Man!

I’m having a bit of a mental block today thus I haven’t bothered to post anything today.

Why is it when you schedule a service appointment with someone, they give you such a large window of time to wait for them?

The Sears Company said the Sears Man would be here between 8 and 12.  That’s fricking half my day just waiting around for this buggah.

Worst part yet… this is the fourth time he’s coming over for the same damn problem!

I do like Sears extended warranty plans and they do pay off in the long run… it sure sucks waiting for their service reps though.

I think the worst is probabaly the Cable company when it comes to arranging appointments with them.  Many of the times that I have called for assistance, they tell me it’s at least 3-4 weeks before they can send someone out to my place.

With the price that we pay for utilitities, services and merchandise… you would think companies would be a little more concerned with customer service.

But then again… It seems like those companies that have monopolies on products… don’t need to have customer service at all… Since we are so dependent on them for our basic luxuries.

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