Blogs Banned by Hawaii DOE Server?

I just got this reply from someone at the Department of Education who wanted to view my blog:

“… your blog site but it is blocked by the DOE (all blogs, utubes and sites with sex or violence)…”

I used to work at the Dept. of Education and if they have started to ban teachers and DOE officials from reading blogs, that would really suck.

Blogs can be a great way to find out much more information then mainstream sites.

I understand that they might want to stop children from accessing many sites… but the Adults from blogs of all things?

2 Responses

  1. You misunderstand. I meant the recurring presence of such YouTube videos on your blog could be the reason for the (alleged) blacklisting. i.e. The DOE blocks your whole domain rather than only the specific fight video posts—much easier to implement that type of policy than a post-by-post form of censorship…

    Damon – If DOE has blocked my entire domain… I’ll consider it a good thing!!! Nothing better then a little government employees wondering what they are missing. ;)

  2. Might be those YouTube fight videos you post…

    Damon – The person wasn’t trying to access one of the youtube videos on my site. They weren’t even allowed onto it at all from my understanding of her email.

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