$9.3 Million Dollar “Stryker Carwash” Being Built on Mauna Kea

I couldn’t help but notice this article in today’s Advertiser.

It lists “About 563 Million” in Stryker related projects planned for Hawaii.

If you look at the break downs and the shades of color where the money is going on the map, you will see this listed as part of the breakdown of some of where that $563 Million is going.

Of note (shaded in orange) is $9.3 Million “Tactical Vehicle Wash”

More info Here

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  1. I wonder if the vehicle washes are something needed to meet environmental requirements. Washing any invasive animals or seeds off the vehicle before or after transport on or off island?

    Damon – If that was the case… they should be built at the Harbor where they will be unloaded. They will do no good if the seeds or invasive animals have already been trucked up the mountain to the carwash. ;)

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