From the Archives: Safarik… “It’s Funded. It’s Not Just a Pipe Dream” – Kenoi… “Puna Gets Attention Because of Negative Socioeconomic Factors”

I was just reading through some back articles on Pahoa and Puna issues and I came across something of interest in this September 12, 2003 Starbulletin Article that mentioned both Safarik and Kenoi.

…County Councilman Gary Safarik has obtained $1.25 million to start a 10-year-old concept called “Pahoa Resource Park” in the middle of the town. It will include an outdoor amphitheater, an information kiosk, public restrooms, a farmer’s market with permanent structures and a police substation.

It’s funded. It’s not just a pipe dream,” Safarik said

So what became of this… or was it a “Pipe Dream?”


And in the same article:

…Billy Kenoi, Mayor Kim’s drug coordinator, said ice is a problem everywhere on the Big Island, but Puna gets attention because of negative socioeconomic factors

Well Ice is still a problem and so are the socioeconomic factors.  What did you do with all that money and how effective was it?

Interesting article, more here

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