HIFF Award Winning Film to Premier at UH Hilo this Week

The Hawaii International Film Festival award winning film:

NOHO HEWA: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaii

From the Advertiser:

“The Halekulani Golden Award for Documentary was presented to “Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai’i,” directed by Hawaiian filmmaker Anne Keala Kelly”

Will be premiering for FREE at UH HILO this week:

Monday, October 20 10:00 AM UH Hilo CC301 FREE

Monday, October 20 2:00 PM UH Hilo UCB127 FREE

Monday, October 20 7:00 PM UH Hilo UCB100 FREE

You can see the website for info on the film here.

For those uneducated about the issues “Noho Hewa” addresses, Hawaiian activists can appear to be unduly angry, their causes ridiculously unrealistic. But in taking a stand on the side of the Hawaiian cause, the film does an excellent job of providing context to their perspectives. And it even goes one step further: It conveys knowledge that resonates in the heart as well as the mind… Starbulletin

Here is the director Anne Keala Kelly talking about the film recently at the HIFF:


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