The Unofficial Polls: Update

The Unofficial Polls at the top of the page have been quiet of late.  They are still open to vote if you want.


Pilago leads Kenoi 51 votes to 23 votes for 67% of the votes

Safarik leads Naeole 25 votes to 20 votes for 56% of the votes

Blas Leads Hanohano 25 votes to 14 votes for 64% of the votes

Mauna Kea leads Chile in the TMT Poll 30 votes to 24 votes for 56% of the votes.

I would take these polls with a grain of salt but it is interesting to see where some of my readers stand on candidates and issues.

I sure will be glad when this whole election season gets over and I can just blog about things without pissing off people because they think I’m for one candidate or another.

With that said… “Angel Pilago” for Mayor!

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