Today’s Idiotic Kenoi Supporter Statement of the Day

It always makes me laugh when I hear something stupid like:

…I am also not involved in Billy Kenoi’s campaign other than to tell people he is a much better choice than Angel Pilago.  Just look at the people around them, Billy hangs out with the Chamber of Commerce and I heard that Pilago hired Kristine Kubat, formerly of Big Island weekly. Given those options, I trust Robert Williams to make decisions impacting our county… Aaron Lee

I might follow up on this a bit further later today when I have time.

One Response

  1. Did you catch THIS one?
    I’d say its a tie for stupid comments of the day from the udder guys camp.

    “Billy’s in the driver’s seat, A debate is worthless at this point of the election – it’s over already, and a handful of people on a blog aren’t going to change that. Pilago will likely finish with 35-40% of the vote, and a debate between Mr. Pilago and a polished, well-educated Mr. Kenoi will not sway public opinion. ..Mr. T”
    October 16, 2008 | Unregistered / Hunter’s blog

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