Census Test 101

*Update* I got the Job Nearly 5 months later  (See Here)

So I took the Census test today.

There was about 40 people at the 10:00 showing with 12:00 and 2:00 testing times still to come.

It consisted of 28 questions.  Get this…you had to pass 10 of them to “Pass”.

The lady from California administering the tests graded them on the spot.  You had 30 minutes to complete the test.

I got 27 of 28 correct.  Keep your fingers crossed.  She did say that the top scores were typically chosen. ;)

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  1. I was hired by the US Census and started training April 27th. I took the Oath of Office that morning i.e. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”….which made me an official Government Official. On April 28th, I was promoted from Enumerator to CLA (Crew Leader Assistant). I was extremely happy as it meant no “pounding the pavement” and allowed me to work as a coach and support the work of the Enumerators. On April 29th at 7:00pm I received a call that the FBI found a “match” on the fingerprints they took the first day of training and I needed to turn in my credentials until this was cleared-up. This is after I already had an FBI check and disclosed an eight-year-old, non-violent misdemeanor arrest twice in writing to the Census Bureau. The following day I went to the training class and turned in my credentials as requested which was extremely humiliating (even though my manager was discrete, the Enumerators obviously knew something was up). I was told that this should be cleared-up in a couple days based on the offense and disclosure and I would receive a letter instructing me how to get reinstated. I received the letter and it says nothing, no information, no instructions. It says they will be making a determination on my status and I may be asked for additional information. My question is: on what? Are we talking about the information that was fully disclosed or is there erroneous information? I have no idea and no one will tell me. So, this is not going to be cleared-up in a couple days and I don’t know if the Unemployment checks I walked away from to receive a check for honest day’s work with the Census will now be lost if I am terminated. I am disgusted over it. I completely disclosed all information to the Census and now after I took my oath, was hired, promoted and went through training I am now on “non-working status”. My guess is the Census never did the original FBI check, never looked at my paperwork and have now left me in financial and emotional limbo. If I am reinstated, did I lose my promotion? If I am not, will I lose my Unemployment?

  2. I took the test and I got 22/28.They told me that I will be hire.However, they havn’r called me yet.does any body know that until when they hiring is going te be continued??

  3. The method that is used to pick applicants is a big scam.
    I got one wrong, and I was not offered a job, even though I am highly educated and can work most any time. I did some research, and it is very common for political favors for chlldren of politicians to be done instead of giving folks who are really qualified the jobs. I was told that my score (98%) would guarantee me a job, but then when the time came, guess what? The guy who knew the mayor or the one who had a friend who worked there got the job instead. Don’t even bother anymore with the government.

    • Patience dear Lisa, put your sour grapes back in the box. The major hiring doesn’t start until the 3rd week in July. And since when do we confuse gossip with ‘research’.
      I’ve worked 3 phases of the census and I’d like to work the big one. Just because I’ve already worked doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed anything.
      The only thing you show by posting a comment like that is you don’t have the proper attitude to deal with people.

      • MrTwobit –

        Here in Hawaii Non Response Follow Up enumerators are in the process of being called now. There will be three separate weeks of training beginning soon in Hawaii.

  4. For those of you posting specific questions to test questions/answers – you are cheating. For those of you posting answers, you are also cheating by helping them. Why should you have any advantage over others that have the ability to actually read and follow the instructions? You are ultimately hurting the census by keeping them from hiring the best people Are you also going to cheat once you get on the job? Please refrain from answering these types of specific testing questions.

    For those of you asking general questions about the process, then that is fine. You are not getting anything that you could not get from calling your local office – which is what you should be doing if you want to get the correct answer for your area.

    • Did anyone take the supervisors test?I thought it was extremely difficult.I scored a 96% on the regular test.I thought that test was a little bit hard.But nothing compared to the supervisors test.And everyone I have talked to says they have no clue what I’m talking about.They say they have never heard of this test before.Has anyone heard of it?

      • There is a supervisor test. As the name implies it is all about supervisory skills and management. It consists of 29 questions with a passing score of 15 correct. The test takes one hour, which you will most certainly need. Unlike the field test, there is no practice test for the supervisor test. There is also no Spanish version.

        To take the test one should imagine working for the census in a management position. Also one should read each question very carefully.

    • ……gee & some of those “best people” were [& are] blatantly allowed to practice nepotism….and even though some of “those best people” can read & follow instructions…it doesn’t seem matter that they have no knowledge of the area the office they are working in is located…..unless a 21/2 block walk really is too far to “travel”……and to the “best people” central means south not mid for some reason that is beyond me…..but I’m not too bright ’cause I cannot figure out how my score of 97 resulted. That was the answer I was looking for.
      [28/28=100% sooo 27/28 would be 96%…..?]
      I was hired last year twice but was never told my test score.Nor will any one tell me what it was. That is another question that I have.
      Any answers for me ?

  5. I took the test a mouth age & also want to retake it.I dont remember what were the two questions for vocab words.Does anybody know what were those??BTW what was the shortest distance on that map north then west or west then north??PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!

    • I took the test a few days ago, 24/28, was told it’s a good score. Said I was at the top of one list, 2nd on another and 4th on another. Not sure what that means. Anyway, I am thinking of taking it again. I had two questions I am uncertain of, if someone could help. Matching of names ex. Maria….the second was how many forms is still needed. Had different columns one columns said sent back….Can’t remember exactly now. Maybe I just looked at it wrong but I couldn’t figure it out.

      • All I have to comment about for your Q is that you should pay really close attention when reading & look at the names very carefully.

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