Andy Martin is Saying What on Oahu?

For those that don’t know, Andy Martin is the guy that was also linked locally to Hawaii Free Press Editor Andrew Walden by Hunter Bishop on the smear piece of Obama that eventually made the Washington Post.

Andy Martin has a blog, and in it today he states:


…First the good news. Our new fighting camp in Honolulu is fully operational. We have set up our communications, computers, printers and everything else within 24 hours of arrival. We are already out in the field doing our Obama research…

…Then, horrors!, two losers from the (Somewhere) Daily Herald wrote that I was not a “journalist.” As though I need to be lectured by a third-rate daily in the burbs, they’re right. If by “journalist” you mean someone who is cowering in fear of losing his ‘dead tree’ media job, while waiting to answer a police call on a turned-over truck, no, I am not a journalist. But I have been breaking major investigative stories since the 1960’s, and irritating people in power from presidents on down. Not bad work if you can get it…

More on this Kook’s blog today here.

Well Mr. Martin… trust me… the local media does know you’re here.  I just don’t think they give a rat’s ass about some smear monger that spreads lies.

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  1. Isn’t Walden the Hawaii Free Press guy, not the Hawaii Reporter guy? (although some of his stuff is cross-posted at HR)

    Damon – Good catch… I corrected it above.

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