21st Century Agent Behind Hawaii Reporter Letter Against Pilago… Offers Me Money For My Time

The Hawaii Reporter recently published a letter that was full of false allegations against Pilago.

Aaron Stene of the Konablog followed up in the Hawaii Reporter with a letter of his own here.

I’ve always said Payback is a b****

I guess Real Estate must be down on the Islands because Mr. Lee has sent me numerous emails through out the day requesting my position on Pilago.  I’ve repeatedly told him that I’m not going to answer his nonsense.

I just recently got a letter that just cracked me up from the fellow that included some of the following (My thoughts in Red):

“First, thanks for the heads-up and not taking my statements out of  context.  I expected to be made to look bad, and I sincerely appreciate the accuracy.
However, I’m disappointed that you took what most people would assume was a private conversation between the two of us and put it on your blog without telling me first.  I believe your actions show a real lack of class and journalistic integrity…”

Damon – I’m not a journalist, and if you had reported on Pilago correctly, then I wouldn’t have had to email to ask you of your opinions.  If you didn’t want to be contacted about the situation or the facts of what you wrote in the Hawaii Reporter, then you should have made sure your facts were correct to begin with.

“…Regardless, I have taken much of my valuable time to address your concerns.  I believe it would be only fair for you to answer my short and very relevant questions.  I’m quite curious about where you see
our island going and I am willing to pay whatever your hourly wage is plus travel expenses for an hour or so of your time…”

Damon – I’m not a Kenoi supporter… I can’t be bought.  (Got a $1,000.00) ;)

Mr. Lee … You probably wouldn’t have pissed me off had you not said this to me:

“…Now I see your problem, you seem to place more value in traditions and what was here first than what is most practical…”

So Mr. Lee… If it’s my problem… you are welcome to address it on my blog where I can at least defend your false accusations.

However, I suggest you doing it off your company hours and not trying to represent 21st Century in your support of Kenoi.

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