Tonights TMT Scoping Meeting at Pahoa HS

I got a chance to meet some of the people that were giving the presentation, and was actually surprised by some of them approaching me telling me that they read my blog.

Hi Sandra , Ross , and the others that introduced themselves.

The meeting started with a prayer by Kale Gumapac and then a small briefing of the what was to be expected…

And then the unexpected… They fed everyone in attendance!  Heck, if they want a better turn out next time just announce that there is going to be free food. ;)

A good sized audience with about 50 or so people.

Standard power point presentation… I don’t know if it’s available online.

The whole presentation to me seemed to be the fact that they will indeed get better resolution with the new adaptive optic lenses that would be used, however, the before/after pictures of what eventually will be seen didn’t really impress me as much as I’m sure it does others.

Which reminds me I already blogged about the funding behind Adaptive Optics here, yet the TMT people still say there is no connection between the Military and the TMT.

One of the the things that an Astronomer from the University of California System seemed to keep bringing up was the discovery of new black holes.  The way that she came across almost seemed like she was trying to scare the audience into thinking that black holes were the end of the world.

My bigger question… is if you get this so called better resolution with 30 Meters and Adaptive Optics… how soon will astronomers be wanting something bigger on Mauna Kea.

I believe having the TMT on top of Mauna Kea will only be opening the door to other LARGER telescopes in the future.

I left at 7:00 with still another hour on the agenda.  I only heard about 10 community members speak and only 3 of them were for the TMT…(Hi Richard Ha)

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  1. Sounds like you left before everyone had their say. That is the part I attended for, to listen to the community comments. Several commented in favor of TMT. One was completely out of touch with reality. At least two speakers (who I notice from Dave’s video, followed from meeting to meeting) were more interesting, sharing a traditional viewpoint, or that of the Hawaiian separatists.

    There will have been nearly two decades between Keck and TMT when it sees first light. The difficulty and cost goes up exponentially with the size of these scopes. I suspect it will be much longer than two decades before something dramatically bigger gets built. With the eight to ten meter class ‘scopes there are only eight I can think of off the top of my head. There will probably only be two of these larger class of telescopes built in the foreseeable future, TMT by the US and Canada and something similar by the Europeans. In science it is a very good thing to have at least two of an instrument, this allows confirmation of discoveries and complementary science.

    Damon – I did have first hand reports from two people who stayed. I didn’t ask them the percentage of for or against… however, I did hear that there were some very passionate against testimonies. I have emailed one of the testifiers to see if I could get a copy or have him write up his testimony in hearsay on my blog.

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