Real “Junk” Getting Ready to Set Sail for Hawaii

When I started my blog, I was following the “Junk” craft made of plastic bottles. They successfully made the voyage.

A new “Junk” is about to make a voyage.  This time though, it’s a real one:

A Chinese junk, as small as a yacht and as brightly painted as a child’s toy, is in San Francisco this week at midpoint on the historical adventure of a lifetime…

…There are two other reasons for the voyage: pride and passion. “Without passion this would not be possible,” said Nelson Liu, the skipper of the Princess Taiping.  Pride was built into the voyage from the start when Liu and others tracked down traditional designs, built the boat to specifications of a Ming Dynasty war junk, and set sail from Hong Kong this summer…

…The plan is to sail to Long Beach, then San Diego, then Hawaii, then on the trade winds to Saipan, Okinawa and Taiwan and then back to Hong Kong…

More Here

Or if you can read Chinese there are some better pictures Here

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