Platinum “Leeds Certified” Project Across from the Mauna Lani?

Looks like an investor is looking to put in a “Platinum Leeds Certified Project” across from the Mauna Lani and is just looking for a few investors to help him start up.

OPPORTUNITY:  Looking for Joint Venture Partner or Buyer for Platinum Leeds Certified Project.

Subject property is a rectangular-shaped 810.867-acre site with 5-acre agriculture-zoned land in the District of South Kohala, approximately 5 miles west by road travel (less than one mile “as the crow flies”) of the Village of Waikoloa on the Big Island of the County and State of Hawaii. The Site currently is in two parcels, 660 acres (north portion) and 150 acres (south portion) or in its entirety…

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  1. This project sounds suspiciously like the stalled Bridge Aina Lea development.

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