“Unsanctioned” Looking for Fighters

I just noticed from Kendall Groves Myspace page, that his MMA Academy over on Maui is looking for fighters:

I & I Training Center and Underground Maui Productions present Unsanctioned”!!!
A night
of MMA action that will showcase Maui’s best up and coming amateurs. If you are interested in competing in this event please contact the I & I Training Center hotline for details. Space is limited so act fast.To all you amate
urs, this is your chance to get the experience and showcase your skills!

I & I Training Center
850 Kolu St
Wailuku, HI 96793

Tonights TMT Scoping Meeting at Pahoa HS

I got a chance to meet some of the people that were giving the presentation, and was actually surprised by some of them approaching me telling me that they read my blog.

Hi Sandra , Ross , and the others that introduced themselves.

The meeting started with a prayer by Kale Gumapac and then a small briefing of the what was to be expected…

And then the unexpected… They fed everyone in attendance!  Heck, if they want a better turn out next time just announce that there is going to be free food. ;)

A good sized audience with about 50 or so people.

Standard power point presentation… I don’t know if it’s available online.

The whole presentation to me seemed to be the fact that they will indeed get better resolution with the new adaptive optic lenses that would be used, however, the before/after pictures of what eventually will be seen didn’t really impress me as much as I’m sure it does others.

Which reminds me I already blogged about the funding behind Adaptive Optics here, yet the TMT people still say there is no connection between the Military and the TMT.

One of the the things that an Astronomer from the University of California System seemed to keep bringing up was the discovery of new black holes.  The way that she came across almost seemed like she was trying to scare the audience into thinking that black holes were the end of the world.

My bigger question… is if you get this so called better resolution with 30 Meters and Adaptive Optics… how soon will astronomers be wanting something bigger on Mauna Kea.

I believe having the TMT on top of Mauna Kea will only be opening the door to other LARGER telescopes in the future.

I left at 7:00 with still another hour on the agenda.  I only heard about 10 community members speak and only 3 of them were for the TMT…(Hi Richard Ha)

Real “Junk” Getting Ready to Set Sail for Hawaii

When I started my blog, I was following the “Junk” craft made of plastic bottles. They successfully made the voyage.

A new “Junk” is about to make a voyage.  This time though, it’s a real one:

A Chinese junk, as small as a yacht and as brightly painted as a child’s toy, is in San Francisco this week at midpoint on the historical adventure of a lifetime…

…There are two other reasons for the voyage: pride and passion. “Without passion this would not be possible,” said Nelson Liu, the skipper of the Princess Taiping.  Pride was built into the voyage from the start when Liu and others tracked down traditional designs, built the boat to specifications of a Ming Dynasty war junk, and set sail from Hong Kong this summer…

…The plan is to sail to Long Beach, then San Diego, then Hawaii, then on the trade winds to Saipan, Okinawa and Taiwan and then back to Hong Kong…

More Here

Or if you can read Chinese there are some better pictures Here

Platinum “Leeds Certified” Project Across from the Mauna Lani?

Looks like an investor is looking to put in a “Platinum Leeds Certified Project” across from the Mauna Lani and is just looking for a few investors to help him start up.

OPPORTUNITY:  Looking for Joint Venture Partner or Buyer for Platinum Leeds Certified Project.

Subject property is a rectangular-shaped 810.867-acre site with 5-acre agriculture-zoned land in the District of South Kohala, approximately 5 miles west by road travel (less than one mile “as the crow flies”) of the Village of Waikoloa on the Big Island of the County and State of Hawaii. The Site currently is in two parcels, 660 acres (north portion) and 150 acres (south portion) or in its entirety…

More Here

Advertiser Follows Up on Lunar Explorer

I mentioned yesterday about the new robot that’s going to be climbing around Mauna Kea, I also pointed you to a blog of someone who is working on the project.

Well today the Advertiser has it as some of their breaking news. ;)

Erin Richard Writes:

Erin Richards

Erin Richards

“…I wouldn’t start packing my bags for a vacation to Mars just yet, but with the ability to harvest materials from alien environments, many significant obstacles can be overcome and expound our limits to explore the stars.” Erin Richards

Today’s KO

Why you should always wear your turbin when riding:


Hawaii Supreme Court’s Levinson to Retire

Associate Justice Steven Levinson of the Hawaii Supreme Court will retire at the end of the year.

Levinson, 62, is three years shy of completing his second 10-year term on the state’s highest court…

More Here

Campaign Spending…Kenoi vs. Pilago a New Report (Kubehead Style)

Former Big Island Weekly Editor Kristine Kubat starts her new blog off with a bang of a report.

I’ll just steer everyone over here to see what’s been going on with some of the Kenoi and Pilago campaign spending.

Anyone Know’s Who’s Buck… I Mean Quarter, Lingle is Flying on to Denver?

I don’t really get the importance of having Hawaii’s Mayor present at the minting of the new Hawaiian Quarter?

I’m actually more curious to know who is paying for this trip.

Considering at the same time she is there… She is campaigning for Sarah Palin.

If it turns out that Hawaii Taxpayers are paying for Lingles trip in any sort for this Quarter Minting… and she has used any of this time for campaigning for Palin… then something needs to be investigated.

BIVN Video of Last Nights TMT Scoping Meeting and Tonights Meeting at Pahoa HS

Big Island Video News has video from the latest TMT scoping project.


I’ll reserve comment on the project and give props to Mr. Corrigan for providing video that many of us would not be able to see otherwise.

Mahalo Dave.


Tonight Wednesday October 15

TMT Public Scoping Meeting at Pahoa High School from 5:00 – 8:00 pm