The “Height” of the TMT to be Taller then FED EX Stadium?

Andrew Cooper has an interesting blog about the “Size” of the proposed TMT project with an interesting diagram.  I’ll take his word that it is true to scale in size as I always hated math.

But anyone that knows me… knows I’ll try and twist the story a bit ;)

I noticed from his diagram that it will be “TALLER” then the Fed EX Arena which is a large NFL stadium on comparison to other stadiums.

I’m stealing the following picture from Andrew Coopers recent blog:

I’m curious how it would look to say the Blaisdell Center in Honolulu?

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  1. On the other hand FedEx does not have a covered field or a dome, which would be taller. The New Orleans Superdome is 83m tall and 210m in diameter, notably higher than TMT, probably by 10 to 20m. The TMT is proposed to be somewhere around 65m in diameter and about the same height.

    But you “twist” past my point, the TMT is less than 10% the size of a “modern football stadium” as some opponents have stated. Hardly an accurate statement.

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